4 Factors to Look For in Your New Property

People looking for a new property know just how many factors there are to consider. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to prioritise them properly, which may lead to missing some small but important fact. To help get you started, here are just 4 of the most important things to look for in your new property.

1. In-home

Start by looking at the interior of the property itself. Does it have everything you and your family require? Plenty of bathrooms? Space? Privacy? Find out about storage too, both in terms of your own personal items and your vehicle. Keeping your personal belongings securely stored is important, and your garage should comfortably fit that description too. For a start, the garage should have a sturdy and reliable door. If it doesn’t, you should consider getting a specialist like Steel-Line to install one if you plan on moving forward.

2. Outdoors

Inspect the gardens and exterior paths around the house and make sure that you’ll be comfortable with their upkeep. If you live in an area that sees quite a bit of rain, then a drought-proof yard isn’t what you want and will lead to a plague of fast-growing weeds. You should check the drainage situation too so you know if and where rain will pool when it falls to avoid any property damage. Is the property on a hill? Would that make mowing a problem? Having solid answers to these questions will help you identify any potential problem areas before it’s too late.

3. Location

Knowing the kind of area your new property is in is one of the most important pieces of information you can gather. Knowing this will tell you about housing price fluctuations in the area, the kind of neighbours you’ll have and the sort of behaviour you can expect from them. You should know for sure if the area you’re in is newer or older, a growth area or a stagnant one. You’ll also be able to determine the level of safety and security in the area, which is vital for those with young children.

4. Amenities

Speaking of things that are vital for those with kids, do you know how far away the nearest school is? How about the nearest supermarket? Knowing where your local amenities are – including bus stops, sporting facilities, restaurants and medical facilities – is important. If these kinds of facilities are too far away, you’re going to be using up a lot of time and money on fuel.

These are just 4 of the most pressing factors you should be taking into consideration when looking at a new property. Taking the time to assess every part of the property and its area will allow you to make a practical, savvy decision on whether to proceed or not. Taking your time is key – you don’t want to miss something crucial and have it haunt you after the paperwork has been filed. What does your new property checklist look like? Share with your fellow house hunters in the comments below!