5 crafty uses for old metal

Perhaps you overestimated the amount of material you needed for your home renovations project, or you may have downsized something and now have surplus metal lying around. Either way, you have plenty of opportunities to do something fun and crafty without spending any extra money – enjoy your crafternoons! If you have questions about particular welding products or are in need of some extra material to finish off your creations, visit the website of a welding authority such as WIA.

Funky art

Rustic artwork is all the rage at the moment, so take your extra bits of material and find a creative way of expressing yourself that will look great hanging in your hallway. Whether it’s a sculpture, a wall feature or a something completely new in the world of interior design, you have found an eco-friendly way of creating unique artwork for your home.

Rustic coffee table

For true country charm, use your old metal to create a new coffee or hallway table for your home. The project will give you the opportunity to practice some of your welding techniques, and at the end of it, you will have a beautiful recycled piece of furniture that hasn’t cost you any more than recycled materials and your time. Make sure you brag about your skills to your friends when they come over, too!

Outdoor dog kennel

If your family has a dog, this might be a great opportunity to build them a new outdoor kennel. You can experiment with a range of materials to make sure your furry family member will be comfortable and cool in summer and warm in winter. The old metal can be great for a roof, and you can cut windows in the sides to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Just make sure there are no snagging bits of metal that could injure your pup.

Outdoor barbeque

Make use of your old metal and build yourself a rustic, old-school barbeque in the backyard. You can use any leftover bricks and large rocks for support, and take a trip to your local outdoor store to stock up on charcoal. Before you know it, you will have a fantastic, cheap and old-school barbeque perfect for Sunday afternoons. Make sure you look up some nifty barbeque recipes for that style of barbeque, and wow your friends!

Gardening beds

Take the opportunity, with the old metal available to you, to create your very own unique garden bed. Whatever your choice of garden – herbs, flowers, vegetables, cactus – you have unlimited options for designing your personalised garden bed. You can create tiers, circles, or pyramids. Opt for whatever design that suits your space and personal style, and the plants you want to grow. Line your new garden bed with a sheet of plastic and your garden will retain water and nutrients, making it low-cost and low-maintenance.

These are just a few options for using old metal available to you. The options truly are endless. What materials have you recycled to create something great for your home?

Image: “Corrugated Gardens” by Michael Coghlan on Flickr.