5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen

Theft is a growing concern for a great deal of drivers. Cars are often one of the more expensive purchases we’ll make, which is why they’re so attractive to criminals. In many ways, we make life a little bit too easy for thieves to gain access to our cars. If we want to totally eliminate crime, we’re going to have to think about ways of protecting our assets better. Here are a few ideas that you can achieve with minimal effort at home by yourself.

Automated Gates

What was once seen as a luxury for the rich is becoming an increasingly viable option for a many number of people. Automated gates are great ways to not only keep your car under wraps, but your home too. It adds another level of intricacy for criminals to try and outsmart. More often than not, they’ll simply deem your vehicle unworthy of the effort. You can set all kinds of options, so that only you can trigger the gates opening.


Especially for the DIY enthusiast, our garages become havens for all of our tools and materials. But let’s not forget the original purpose for our garage. It’s supposed to be a safe place to house our cars. You’ll find that keeping your car locked up in a garage makes you less of a target to thieves. This is because it presents them another obstacle to overcome if they want to gain access to your vehicle. Trust me, they’ll think twice. Petty theft relies on ease of access and a quick escape.


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Keep Your Valuables Hidden

You’ve seen all the commercials on television encouraging you to keep your valuables stashed away. And for good reason. If a thief comes across your car and finds it filled with all kinds of goodies, it becomes an even more tempting prospect. Not only will they get to nab a sweet new ride, but also all of that kickass technology you’ve proudly got on display. Do yourself a favour, stash it away in your glove compartments.


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Set An Alarm

It’s surprised to me how many people neglect to arm their car’s alarm. It’s increasingly being seen as just an inconvenience when you (or the wind) accidentally triggers it. But your car alarm could be the perfect thing to deter thieves. Once its security system has been triggered, they’ll get out of dodge as quickly as possible. It could be the difference between your car being stolen and a lucky escape.

Steering Wheel Lock

If you have to park somewhere that you don’t have complete faith in, a steering wheel lock could be a pretty successful deterrent. Once criminals have clapped eyes on it, they’ll think twice about trying to get behind the wheel. They know that even if they’re successful in gaining entry, they can’t go anywhere anyway. At least, then, you know that your car is safe and sound, no matter where you choose to park.

All of these things can easily be set up with no fuss whatsoever. There really is no excuse for keeping your car safe at home or on the road.