7 Questions to Ask Before Your Roof Installation

Choosing a roof for your home isn’t quite as straightforward as it might seem. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, like the weather conditions in your area. There’s also a discussion to be had regarding natural materials versus manmade. All of this can leave your head spinning and not sure where to turn.

While there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of roofs, there is a set of questions to ask yourself before you buy.

Can it stand up to testing weather conditions? Obviously, the weather will vary depending on where you are. As such, that will affect your purchase one way or another. Whether you live in an area with lots of storms, or, by contrast, unrelenting sun exposure, you’ll need to account for the conditions. Energy efficiency will also be a consideration.

Does the material meet local regulations? Every area has its own regulations regarding building materials and planning. You’ll have to check with your local authority whether or not you have permission to use a certain type of material.

Do you have any additional considerations? Some people, for example, will only look for tiles that have eco-friendly benefits. This may rule out certain manmade materials that have a negative effect on the environment. By the same token, some natural materials may be detrimental too, so you might want to avoid them. You can, for example, find out more about the benefits of felt roofing at ELC Roofing.

How long can I expect it to last? Or, more importantly, how long do you want it to last? Some roof materials are designed to be durable and possibly even outstay your duration at home. Others, however, are considerably less permanent. While they may make up for it in other areas, they will ultimately need to be replaced with time.

How much will it cost me? It should go without saying that some materials are ultimately going to set you back more than others. Budgetary constraints are a massive consideration when big purchases like this are involved. You will want to analyze the options within your price bracket and find the best option that you can afford.

Is it suitable for my current framework? Not all roofing jobs are created equally. Some, depending on the materials used, may require a complete overhaul of your roof’s structure. This is obviously a more costly procedure than simply having the slate installed. Your decision will hinge on your budget and if you’re willing to allow a bigger job.

Will it look good on top of my house? Of course, the main factor behind your decision will be whether or not the material is aesthetically pleasing. Some materials may complement existing brickwork on one home, while it may be of stark contrast to another. Whether or not the tiles suit your house will all depend on how your home currently looks.


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Using the above questions as your guide, you will then be able to make an informed decision on what material will best suit your needs.