Crafting Your Own Birdhouse

Crafting your own birdhouse at home is a great project to add some beauty to the back yard. There are endless styles to create, and they can be designed with materials to fit any budget. From simple to elaborate, a home crafted birdhouse adds the perfect touch to any yard.

The most basic kind of birdhouse can be made from an old can. Coffee cans work great. The best part of this project is it is easy for the kids to help out. For small birds, use a smaller coffee can. Strip the label off and use a permanent marker to draw the shape of the entrance in the side of the can. Be sure to leave space at the bottom for the birds to live. Use an awl or screwdriver to punch out a starting spot, and then cut along the lines with tin snips. Punch holes near the top for string to hang from a branch. Add some fluffy material such as straw or cotton to the bottom of the can and hang. The cans can also be painted however you like.

The more common kind of birdhouse is made from wood. Most any wood could be used. A wooden birdhouse can be built to any shape you like, from a simple house with a flat top, to one that looks like a real house, complete with a tiny fence and chimney. All designs should start with a base. Cut the wood into four sides, cutting a 45° angle at the edges. Be sure to cut a hole in one side, leaving room at the bottom for the birds. Glue the sides together and clamp until dry. When ready, glue the sides to the base. The roof can be a flat piece, slightly bigger than the sides, glued in place. Screw in an eye hook to attach the string for hanging.

There are many designs you could create to make a birdhouse, but all of them will have that special feeling you get from creating something for your home. They are inexpensive, quick to make, and fun to watch.