Create A Fun Filled Bedroom For Your Kids

Children and teenagers love to have their own space that they can have fun in, chill out in, and especially when teenagers – a room that they can express themselves in.

When children are very young the parents make most of the decisions, but as your children get older embrace their tastes and incorporate them into their bedrooms.

I have created a number of mood boards below for you to enjoy, and inspire you and your children.

Young child’s bedroom

Morehouseforless - LOVEThESIGN - Baby Room

We adore this example of furniture we have put together from LOVEThESIGN. White and pastels always work well in young children’s rooms.

Parents spend so much time looking after young child at this age, that a room that is relaxing for parents too, is always a good thing.

Small child’s bedroom

LOVEThESIGN - Small Childs Room

Even as a young child their bedrooms can be full of personality. The walls can be plain, but by adding the right accessories, you can bring the room alive and show off their growing tastes.

The above mood board brings together bright colours, simple shapes and surfaces.

Match these with a white or neutral wall and they should really pop!


Teenager’s bedroom

LOVEThESIGN - Teenage Bedroom

Edgy, funky and great for budding and creative minds, LOVEThESIGN have so much to offer for teenagers.

I don’t think I’d be brave enough to go ahead and design a teenagers bedroom without some input from them first. Sit them down and enjoy designing the bedroom with them – they will really appreciate it!


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