Home Upgrades You Should Avoid As DIY  Projects

We are a nation of DIY lovers, and I think most people are good at what they do. The television programs of the eighties and nineties showed us how we could makeover our home in only one weekend to an exceptional standard, using MDF and a few screws. People often start with tiny tasks and move on to bigger things as they confidence and toolkit grows.

It is essential that everyone knows their limitations when doing home repairs and upgrades. Disasters have befallen many who took a step too far in the past, and we mustn’t repeat those mistakes. There are items of work that you should not carry out in your home, and we will take a look at a few of them here.

Structural alterations to the roof are a bad idea. The architect performed many calculations before putting a beautiful hat on your home, and the timbers have to carry a lot of weight. Feel how heavy one roof tile is and multiply that weight by the number of them on the roof. You will see that the timbers on the roof work together to spread and support the load. Only a qualified roofer should make structural changes because they know what they are doing.

Foundations support the house, and it is vital that they are robust and the correct size. If you spot the signs of subsidence in your home, ignore the urge to underpin it. The experts in foundation repair in Fort Worth know what they are doing and have the knowledge and skills to halt the problem in its tracks. They will also survey the property and discover that cause of the problem in the first place.

If you decide to make two rooms into one, make sure that the wall separating them isn’t supporting the building. There are many stories from the past where the house collapsed because somebody removed its strength. You will need an expert survey before installing a rolled steel joist. That is a significant building project and not for the amateur. You might also need to seek planning permission first. Never alter the structure of the building without expert advice


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You can tackle repairs to the water pipes and radiators in your heating system, but I advise you never to interfere with the gas boiler or feature fire. In the United kingdom, you must be qualified and on the Gas Safe register before you can interfere with the supply. If you are not, you risk a jail term. Check the regulations in your country. There is probably a similar governing body in place and interference with the gas service might be punishable. When you install a new fireplace, it is tempting to disconnect the old fire and install a new one, but lives are in danger if you do so; it isn’t worth the risk.

Stick to what you know when undertaking DIY projects and don’t try to push the boundaries of your capabilities too far. Understanding the theory and process behind an upgrade doesn’t necessarily mean you should attempt to see it through. Sometimes it is best to put your feet up and have a cup of tea while the experts weave their magic. Enjoy a DIY rest for a change.