How To Deep Clean Your Family Home Before The Holidays

During the holiday period, the last thing you may feel like doing is cleaning the house. However, the arrival of picky relatives and friends who you haven’t seen all year, may be enough to spur you into taking action.

Giving the house a real deep clean is slightly different to having a quick clean once a week. For a deep clean, you really want to spend a few days getting stuck into each room, one area at a time, in order to properly focus on each space.

Start upstairs and work your way down. If you start your cleaning upstairs and work your way back down through the house, you should at least be able to sleep in a clean bedroom after day one of your big deep clean process!

Start with the adult’s rooms and pull out all of the furniture. Hoover behind wardrobes and move the bed in order to fully clean underneath.

After a long hot summer, you may have been left with some miniscule unwanted visitors in your house. If you have pets, then it is always work using a flea spray on your carpets just in case there may any chance of finding the odd few here and there. Fleas multiply quickly so catching the problem early is important.

If you want to be extra vigilant, then you can strip your beds and use something like Bed Bug Bully to ensure that you and your kids are sleeping without any unwanted critters. Make sure that you treat the guest beds during this process. They may not get used as much, but it is worth doing as a precaution.

Clean your blinds and upholstery with simple homemade cleaning solutions to quickly remove dust and grime.

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In the bathroom, you want to ensure that you are cleaning all of the grouting. A steam cleaner works well or a toothbrush! Both will enable you to really get into all of the small indentations.

Move downstairs into the kitchen area and give your kitchen a quick facelift. Clean behind the fridge, disinfect the counters and scrub the floorings. Baking soda and vinegar is a good natural cleaning solution for your oven.

Hallways should be mopped thoroughly and polished afterwards to leave a fresh and beautiful sheen. Ensure that you have cleaned behind hard to reach areas and that any clutter is placed in boxes or storage units. Piles of clutter will attract dust and dust mites.

You can extend your deep clean outwards to the garden if you think that your visitors might be able to see out there. During winter, leaves can be a huge pain. Invest in a leaf-blower if you can afford one or spend an hour outside raking them up and putting them on the compost heap.

Clean paving slabs or concrete areas that may have gathered mould or moss during the early winter months. Not only do these look untidy but they are also a dangerous slip hazard for the whole family.

After all of your hard work, sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas with a home that looks its absolute best!