Make Vintage Industrial Lighting with Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are a popular trend in home decoration right now. The Edison bulb is a light bulb designed to look like a model that would have been around when Thomas Edison first invented them. They give off an amber glow, instead of a harsh white or yellow light. The glass is often styled into shapes other than the standard globe most people use, and the main attraction to the bulbs is their filament. Because the glass is clear and the filaments don’t glow as bright as modern bulbs, they are totally visible. Edison bulbs often have more than one and offer a very cool look when glowing. These bulbs can be used to make great vintage lighting displays.

Edison bulbs are usually left hanging from cords, rather than screwed into a fixture. This makes for endless possibilities in styling. For a truly vintage feel that would look great in a converted loft, hang some aluminum or copper pipe from the ceiling and drape the cords around the pipe. Leave the cord dangling and plug the bulb in wherever you would like the bulbs to hang. Hide the connection to the wall’s power source with the end of the pipe.

Another really cool looking display comes from hanging the cords from between the slats of an old shipping pallet. This has a great industrial look to it. Old pallets can be bought cheap around construction sites, or found abandoned behind retail stores sometimes. Just be sure to ask a shop owner so you aren’t stealing. Securely attach the pallet to the ceiling, using mounting hardware that will lt the pallet hang down a few inches. Gather the cords for the Edison bulbs on top of the pallet, and allow the ends to dangle through in random places.

Both of these projects are inexpensive and look great. The wonderful thing about vintage designs is they can often be accomplished with found objects, like a wood pallet. Anyone with a little knowledge of electrical wiring can pull off these designs, and they are much cheaper than a new ceiling fan or chandelier.