Making Your Own Animal-Shaped Cushions

This spring, it is worth thinking of interesting ways to spruce up the house without spending overly much. A fun project to do alone, or with kids, is to make pillows shaped like animals. One material to consider is tweed which really translates well into animal patterning and fur, and the whole endeavor is that much more interesting and archetypal when one uses tweed. Tweed is thick enough to be satisfying in a child’s grasp, as well. In this way, you can fill the entire living room with foxes and owls.

To make a  stuffed animal, one has to first have or make a pattern. A simple web search will bring up sites that have patterns or how-to videos. “How to Make Stuffed Animals: Modern, Simple Patterns for 18 Projects” by Sian Keegan is an excellent addition to any crafter’s book shelf, and gives a person ideas and patterns with which to work. A simple online search will also yield plenty of patterns and websites as well as other types of animals other than the forest animals that we typically tend to see active in the spring.

In terms of tips, it is a good idea to have the whole body made entirely–with all details for mouth, eyes, and nose attended to–before stuffing the fabric with whatever filling you decide to use. Various fillings are available at the local craft store from more of a cotton feel to more of a plush feel. Go with touch when you make this choice; what feels right for your purpose? If the pillows are to spruce up the couch, a cotton blend might be a better choice. If you do plan to use buttons for eyes, make sure they are attached securely before wresting the stuffing into the project and sewing it tightly shut. A sewing machine is recommended but not required for this project.