Quick And Easy Ways To Restyle Your Living Room

As the seasons change, you can be left feeling a little flat around your home. Like the garden and the parks, we want our home to feel seasonal all year round. Changing just a few things in each room can help you freshen the look of your home in no time at all. If you’re ready for a seasonal change in your living room or bedroom, read on for some inspiring ideas for a quick refresh.

The easiest way to refresh your decor each season is to set your room up ready for it. Instead of carpets, use hardwood floors. You can then change the rugs for a more seasonal colour. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring a fresh new look into your room. In fact, soft furnishings are cheap and readily available for you to buy whenever you want to brighten things up in your home.

You can find Ian Snow soft furnishings online that can inspire you for this season. Colour trends are moving away from the burnt oranges of autumn. Now we are in winter, we like to use shades from the cooler end of the palette. However, rich plums and cherry reds continue to dominate the fashion markets and the trend has crossed over into home furnishings.

It’s all in the pattern! Soft furnishings with interesting patterns can make great focal points for your room. Zigzags are back. Contemporary swirls look amazing in wall art as well as rugs. Choose vibrant and contrasting colours to really make an impact. As it is colder now, you can invest in more cushions and throws to create a cosier feel to your bedroom and living room. Choose textures that beg to be touched. Use soft against rough and vibrant against pastel for a room of contrasts.


Image courtesy of Moonlightway

If you love freshening the look of your room without going to the time and trouble of painting, then these ideas can be ideal. If your room is painted in a neutral colour, then repainting a neutral wall in isolation will only take a fraction of the time. Alternatively, change the wall art to change the colour of the walls without lifting a paintbrush. Large canvases are ideal for this purpose.

Fabric curtains or drapes can cover an entire wall with vibrant colour and pattern. Hang a different set each season to suit your chosen colour palette. They are quick and easy to change. Best of all, they can be found in a huge range of patterns and colours quite cheaply online. You might want to colour match to the cushions or throws. But it can be nice to explore the relationship between two shades of the same colour instead.

It only takes a few minutes to create a whole new look and feel in a room. Just changing the colours can be enough. But adding texture and pattern can offer a new character or personality to the space. Throws and cushions can also cover up ageing furniture, allowing you a little more wear before you have to replace. Enjoy your lovely new room.