Simple Tips To Make Crafting Wooden Furniture Easy


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Ever thought about making wooden furniture? In this piece I’ll take you through three top tips to help make crafting furniture a breeze:

Create Designs

A big part of the furniture crafting process will be the planning beforehand. Before you even get your wood and equipment, you need to create some designs. Get out a sketchpad and draw a few design ideas for your furniture. If you’re building a chair, you may want to think about what type of chair it’s going to be. Will it be a nice sleek looking wooden chair for your kitchen or an old school rocking chair?  Of course, you may not want to build a chair at all, maybe you’re crafting a coffee table? My point is, you have to come up with a design, so you have something to follow when you’re crafting. You’ve got a picture of what the final product will look like. If you’re struggling for ideas, you can always cheat a little and look some up online. There are plenty of homemade wooden furniture design ideas out there.

Use Quality Wood

You can’t craft quality home furniture without using quality wood. But, what makes quality wood? You’re looking for the kind of stuff that will last a very long time; that’s the main point. You don’t want to craft a nice wooden chair, only to see it erode and break within a couple of months. Look for the strong stuff that’s durable and won’t break down easily. My tip would be to look for some barn wood. You can get some from the place that sells the best reclaimed barn wood in North America: Barnstormerswood. What’s great about barn wood is that it will obviously last for a very long time. It’s designed to be used for a barn, so it’s strong enough to stand up to the elements and harsh outdoor conditions. This means it will be more than good enough to make furniture out of. Also, make sure you get enough wood for what you’re creating. I always think it’s better to get too much than too little, just to be safe.



Make Sure You Have All Your Equipment

Obviously, you can’t make a chair without all the right tools and equipment. No doubt you’re reading this because you like crafting and making things. So, it’s fairly safe to assume you’ll already have a lot of the stuff you need. I’m talking about various saws for cutting and shaping the wood. Hammers, drills and nails, in case you need to lock the pieces in place. Of course, you’ll also need the stuff to finish the piece off. This includes sanding equipment and maybe something to give the furniture a shiny look. You could also use paint if you want to give your wooden furniture a quirky bit of colour. The finish is so important to your furniture for a couple of reasons. One, you don’t want it to be rough because this may give people splinters when they touch it. And two, a smooth finish looks a lot nicer and more classy. People won’t be able to guess the chair is homemade, they’ll think you bought it from a high-end shop!