Top 5 reasons why every homeowner should have a home security system

Installing a home security system can be an expensive endeavor, however, the risk you potentially put you and your family in by not having one, means worth more than just money—it’s means your life. However, before and if you decide to settle on a home security system, investigate economically-friendly alarm installers that provide fair pricing, great customer reviews and a broad variety of services.

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Below, you will find the top five reasons why every homeowner should have a home security system installed today:

  • Protecting yourself and family from trespassing criminals

The main reason why families choose to install a home security system is protecting against home intruders. Many times, the simple warning sign that a home is equipped with an alarm system is enough to scare off intruders. However, encountering a home intruder can quickly turn violent, even when the thief’s intentions are not to harm you or your family. By alerting the house that a burglar is on the premises, you have a better chance that the criminal will run away or prepare yourself physically and mentally for impending danger.

  • Fire safety

When you think of home security, what is the first thing come to mind? For many of us, we tend to connect burglar prevention with alarm installation. However, an equally deserving threat to a family’s safety is fire. Monitored alarm systems not only notify families and authorities in the case of an intruder, but in the presence of smoke, heat and fire as well. Sure, heat detectors can be installed without investing in a home security system, but they will not notify authorities in the case of an emergency.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Found in combustion fumes, carbon monoxide is a dangerous and potentially lethal hazard that is hard to decipher as it is colorless and odorless. Common household activities, such as cooking breakfast on a stove, burning fire on a cold winter day, or raising the temperature in the house, etc. can all cause carbon monoxide to become released.

Carbon monoxide discharge is just one of the many things a home security system can decode where human senses simply cannot. And like a fire, the sooner you know carbon monoxide has been released, the less chance you have of injury or death.

  • Peace of mind

Don’t take your peace of mind lightly, especially if you have a family or pets at home. The mere presence of installing a home security system offers you chance to spend more time away from home without constantly worrying or calling to make sure everything is OK. Think of a home security system as a babysitter during times when the whole family is away or on vacation. A monitored home security system allows to remotely supervisor your household without actually being there, which in turn can save you money of not having to spend money on a house sitter.

  • Homeowners insurance

A substantial reduction is usually placed on your homeowner’s monthly premium costs when you’ve installed a home security system. Insurance companies take into account that you are less of a liability in the case devastating event to take place in your home (e.g., house fire). Of course, insurance policies differ between agencies, so contact your insurance customer service department and learn about the possible benefits you have by installing a home security system.