Top Tips For Beautiful Home Decor And Storage

From time to time we all get a little bored of our home decor. Depending on your skills and your budget you can refresh your home for next to nothing. The first simple idea to try is moving your furniture around. Often a sofa will look better and fit in more with the decor in another room. Swap curtains out with other rooms dependant on size of course and move around soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions. Your electrical gadgets may be better on another wall, or with some reclaimed wood you can make a simple storage unit that hides all the unsightly wires and gizmos. You may be surprised of the results.

If just moving some of your belongings around isn’t cutting the mustard, do some research online to see what sort of thing you are looking for. Do you want a minimalist approach with very little clutter? Or do you want your home to feel alive and lived in? Each has its plus and minus points. Once you have decided its time to see what you need to get done.

Entrance hall

For a meagre budget, you can simply paint your entrance hall a new, brighter colour. Recycle an old rug from another room, or pick up one cheap from a flea market and hang a few pictures on the wall. You can get canvas photo prints of you and your loved ones to adorn the walls. You will be surprised at what you can find on auction sites and markets. Old tea chests look amazing and double up as great storage for umbrella’s and wellies. With a bit of imagination and some colourful stencils, you can create an amazing effect.



Living room

If movies, games and music are the banes of your existence consider building some great storage to hide them in an alcove. It really is simpler than it sounds. Many farms give away pallets of sell them for next to nothing. These can provide all the wood you would require to make some fantastic rustic looking storage for just about anything. Another great tip is to buy a tea chest and a pane of reinforced glass; this can be used for a coffee table in the lounge, just be careful of little ones. Lighting also makes a lot of difference to a room, so think about changing light fixtures to fit in with your desired stylings. If your sofas are looking a bit tired but you can’t afford to replace them, pick up some colourful throws to cover them. To save even more cash you can even make throws from squares of material you already have around the house and sew them together. The effect is unique and its something you and your family have created together.


Kitchens can be tricky, in an ideal world you would get someone in to replace it all and voila a new look. This can be a very pricey area, but hopefully all your appliances are in good working order. Remove cupboards and drawers, take off the hardware from them such as the handles and sand them down. Apply a colour that you love, and you’re halfway there. If you search, there are many tutorials on how best to do it and also how to create a simple distressed look that looks great and will add value to your home.